Yomi Makanjuola earned a doctorate degree in Materials Engineering and Design, and later became an associate partner at Accenture, a global management consulting firm. While there, he developed an innovative and minimalist mindset that has shaped his worldview ever since.

Between writing fiction novels, incessantly he was encouraged to start a blog. More from Less encapsulates Yomi’s enduring passion for frugality without sacrificing quality.

This blog will undertake a deep dive into how to extract optimal value in various fields by mining Efficiency, Minimalism and Simplicity.

Targeted subject matters include policy, technology, process innovationcreative enterprise, and time management, as well as more tactile ones such as people, human needs, energy, raw materials, industrial production, waste management, and environmental conservation.

Welcome aboard!


From time to time, More from Less will seek to elicit fresh and robust ideas from subscribers, thereby increasing the probability of resolving novel problems that do not lend themselves to easy solutions.

The More from Less blog will achieve this objective through an open-ended process, as follows:

1. Select a subject matter or domain e.g. creative industry, energy sector, etc.
2. Briefly introduce a topic within that domain
3. Pose a question on the blog
4. Invite comments
5. Accumulate feedback for different topics within each domain
6. Create a feedback loop by sharing the best responses on a podcast
7. If warranted, 
     - recast or reframe the original question(s) within each domain
- re-run the new question(s) on the blog i.e. repeat steps 3 to 6
8. Collate and curate the best solutions generated
By tapping the collective insights of as many people as possible, subject to brainstorming rules (see below), we all benefit, including the subject matter experts.


1. Be succinct, and try not to exceed 100 words.
2. Focus squarely on the topic.
3. Radical and unconventional ideas are encouraged. No idea is inherently stupid.
4. Defer judgment and do not ridicule other comments.
5. Feel free to build on other people’s ideas.

6. Stay engaged.